A vision through connection

In this era of near constant self-documentation, I use my camera to explore connection. I grew up in a tough neighborhood and from a young age, was surrounded by a darker slice of life. That’s why I thought I could be at home around a crime scene, and early in my career, decided to be a journalist. But I found I could not detach, because it is the poignancy of life, the intimacy of the human experience that inspires me. Those moments of connection, and often, quite literally — whether an embrace, a stolen kiss, a pat on the back. Scripted or not, I love moments where people are close to each other. And I feel privileged to get to capture them.

I strive for my photographs to feel selfless; to show human interaction at its purest and most sacred form, without pretension or self-awareness. In many ways, my camera is my shield and lens into a world many may neglect to see. I love to bring out the beautiful side of life wherever I may roam.

Whether through still or moving images, the evolution of storytelling inspires and motivates me. I am not daunted by the democratization of imagery and creativity. I love the freedom to explore emotion through social media and other new media, yet somehow transcend the media itself and strip imagery down to its essence.

Thanks for checking out my work. I have been taking pictures since I was 7. I don’t go anywhere without my camera. Every day presents an opportunity to capture a great moment. My favorites are the subtle, everyday ones that tell relatable stories in a not-so-everyday way, while also leaving pieces to the imagination. I shot this Russian couple on the beach in Miami. It was their first vacation after 50 years of marriage and children. After all that time, he’s still admiring her assets.

Throughout my career, I have captured lots of great moments for clients such as Microsoft, Pepsi, Hyatt, Pillsbury, and many more. When I am not shooting assignments or personal projects, I love playing tennis and spending as much time with my kids as I can before they grow up and fly away.